20 Years of the Premier League

Hi everyone, 

We have a fantastic prize to give away to our members thanks to Mag Books - MagBooks.com. 

I have 3 copies of there latest book titled 20 Years of the Premier League. I have set three categories and the winner from each will receive a copy of the book direct from Magbooks.


  1. User with the most posts (excluding myself) within the next two weeks. Bumps and spam posts will not be counted ! 
  2. The user that introduces the most friends within the next two weeks (must be genuine accounts and the new member must put your username in the referred by box during registration) WE WILL BE CHECKING ACCOUNTS ! 
  3. The Admin teams choice- basically the user we feel has brought the most to the forum over a two week period


The competition is open until midnight on the 8th August 2012

The climax to the Premier League's 20th season was the most dramatic and exciting since it began in 1992. We look at the Premier League lives of all 45 clubs who have played in the top flight from Man Utd to Swindon Town. We cover every season, all the stories, the scandals, the stars and the sensations and included is the all-time Premier League table in full with great imagery to boot.

With a host of facts and figures including; the top 10 memorable moments, top 10 tweets, where the league winners are now, an A-Z on everything you need to know and a chunky stat zone, this Premier League compilation has it all. In a nut-shell, if you want to know about the Greatest League in the World then look no further than this ultimate guide.

On Sale: 19th July
Price: 25.99
Availability: 20 Years Of The Premier League MagBook

As well as giving 3 copies away, I will be reviewing the book myself, I will post more on the book as I get through it 

Good luck everyone !